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LakeView Perfect 905

Registered Angus

LakeView Farms is dedicated to breeding performance cattle that are easy fleshing with balanced EPDs and also have the eye appeal for the show ring.

We also take special consideration of our females to provide superior milk and mothering traits without the need for extra care to maintain body condition.

Our Bulls are carefully selected to enter our potential sires pasture. We cull any bull not weighing at least 600 pounds at adj. 205 days of age. Bulls are again culled if they weigh less then 1000 lbs at yearling. We keep our bulls on larger pastures so they are ready for the commercial man's cows.

Lastly, we continue to improve our base herd through the use of Artificial Insemination and careful selection of sires considering carcass traits, EPDs and eye appeal.

We invite you to view a small sample of our young and breeding age sires and females by clicking the associated tabs.

  • AI sires such as GAR Prophet, SYDGEN Enhance, Deer Valley All In, Mead Magnitude and of course the best one LakeView Perfect 905 = ).
  • Certified Brucellosis Free Herd #ARB27-HC
  • Johne's Negative complete herd
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • AHIR data on all
  • We also Support and sell Cattle at the Northeast Arkansas Angus Association Sales on the third Saturday in March and November at Charlotte, AR.

For More Information contact:
Phone: (870)878-6939
Cell: (870)809-0910
P.O. Box 85
Powhatan, AR 72458

Further information on any of our cattle can be found on the American Angus web Site at, just note the registration number of the animal you are interested in.

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