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LakeView Perfect 905

Registration # 16495852
Genex Bull 49AN2775

Video of LakeView Perfect 905

CED + 10
BW:     + 0.6
WW:   + 78
Milk:   + 17
YW:    +130

Sire :   SS Objective
MGS:  WAR Alliance
DoB:    9/9/09

Top 1% of  Breed:  WW, YW, $F

Top 5% of Breed:
CED, CEM, CW, $W, $B

His Dam Family

·     This Bull has a one of a kind docile personality like his dam (608). She is royally bred combining the growth and personality of WAR alliance with the famous female traits of her Dams sire EXT.
·     Her adjusted WW: 734 (ratio 117),  YW: 960 (ratio 110). Her yearling ultrasound was equally impressive with an adjusted %IMF 5.82 and REA 10.0 far surpassing the average that year IMF of 4.49 and REA 9.72.
·     She has also qualified as a 2012 Pathfinder proving her superior fertility and mothering traits with her first three calves sporting a BW Ratio of 95 and WW Ratio of 108.

  • Longevity is also an outstanding trait for this bull. His great granddam produced for 18 years calving every year.

Semen Available $15 Straw $25 Certificates